Lift Your Eyes to the Hills

Summer Happenings

Fall just started, and I realized I haven’t posted anything from the summer! Where to begin… The theme of our summer was probably eFoiling. An eFoil is sort of like an electric surfboard. We spent many hours eFoiling, paddle boarding and kayaking on the nearby Deer Creek and Jordanelle reservoirs. We also enjoyed learning howContinue reading “Summer Happenings”

Perfect Ten

Even though we did plenty of celebrating during our time in Austin, Evelyn officially turned ten on June 1st. We started the morning with pancakes and presents. Jack gave Evelyn a valuable Pokémon card and five dollars; James gave her some bird stationary. Jim and I gifted her with a pair of birding binoculars, aContinue reading “Perfect Ten”

Texas Time

In mid-May, we celebrated the dropping of airline mask mandates by visiting family and friends in central Texas. We flew Allegiant Airlines, which is a great discount airline that flies into Provo, Utah (if any of you are considering a visit). The first half of the trip was spent in Jim’s parents’ fifth-wheel on theContinue reading “Texas Time”

Wett’in It Up

Now that spring has sprung in the Wasatch Back, we have enjoyed more opportunities for hiking in the mountains. There is also a warm spring-fed creek right by our house, which is great for minnow catching, and James had his first piano lesson. In early May, we decided to go for a long-ish hike inContinue reading “Wett’in It Up”

Birthday and Easter

The end of season brought with it James’s 5th birthday, Easter, and a visit from Nana. James enjoyed opening gifts in the morning, spending the day with Nana, and then having his new friend Ellis and her family (our neighbors) over for pork “tender-line,” mac-n-cheese, and cake. Nana was also able to stay for Easter,Continue reading “Birthday and Easter”

Spring Skiing

The 2021/22 winter snowfall was well below average, but thankfully we got some good snow in March. Taylor and Jacob (Jim’s Dronelink colleagues) came to visit in the midst of the best powder of the whole season. We had a great visit with them and Jack especially loved hanging out with “Uncle Jake” who showedContinue reading “Spring Skiing”

Winter Wonderland

After the holidays ended and Nana headed back to Texas, we resumed school with the start of our second term. Our schedule includes at least two ski outings per week, and we started weekly piano lessons with Mr. Larry here in the Heber Valley. We didn’t get too far along with our term when, likeContinue reading “Winter Wonderland”

White Christmas

The boys both woke up sick on Christmas Eve morning. We kept things slow for most of the day, making cinnamon rolls and watching movies… …but, unfortunately, they didn’t recover enough to attend our candle-light service. We were in charge of music for the evening, so Jim and Evelyn headed up the mountain for church.Continue reading “White Christmas”

Hawky Halloween

The children decided to go as various birds of prey this year for Halloween: Evie as a peregrine falcon; Jack as a bald Eagle; and James as a barn owl. Separately, the Fox kids decided the same things, so Marijke and I worked together to create wings. The kids and I also made origami-like masksContinue reading “Hawky Halloween”


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