Lift Your Eyes to the Hills

Nana in Utah

At the beginning of our third week in Park City, my mother came to visit and Cappy and Grandma departed to spend the rest of the summer in Red River, NM. We also moved to a larger home in town for the rest of our stay here. When we arrived to our house on Sidewinder,Continue reading “Nana in Utah”

Park City: Week 2

The second week of our stay in Park City (near the Jordanelle Reserve) was filled with fun times. We played in the sand and water near Cappy and Grandma’s RV on the Jordanelle Reservoir. They loved it, but came down with Swimmer’s Itch when they left the water. Apparently people normally only react to Swimmer’sContinue reading “Park City: Week 2”

Independence Day 🇺🇸

Independence Day fell on a Sunday this year, so the holiday seemed to extend over more days than normal. On the 3rd, we spent the morning exploring the McPolin Farm Trail. The original farm was homesteaded in 1886, and the City of Park City purchased it in 1990 to preserve the historic open space. ThatContinue reading “Independence Day 🇺🇸”

Return to Park City

We arrived to Park City on July 1. We are staying in a condo near the Jordanelle Reserve for two weeks (near Cappy and Grandma’s RV park), after which we move to a larger home in town. Our condo is spacious and very nice. We are thankful to spend the next two weeks in suchContinue reading “Return to Park City”

On the Road Again

As the Texas summer heat settled in, the McAndrew family returned to the road in search of cooler weather. Evelyn, Jack, and James left a few days early with Cappy and Grandma in the camper, while Jim and Ashley tied up a few loose ends back home. They made stops at Abilene State Park; PaloContinue reading “On the Road Again”

He is risen!

Jim returned from Utah on Good Friday, and we had a busy Easter weekend. The highlight was definitely a visit from our dear friends the Woodards, who have been missionaries in southwest Asia for the last ten years. They attended Easter service with us and then we spent the rest of the day catching up.

Angel Fire

After the snow melted in Texas, we headed to Angel Fire, NM for a week of skiing. (James stayed back in central Texas with Nana and Grandma.) We left before sunrise to begin our 12 hour trek to the mountains of northern New Mexico. We made very few stops on the way, and the kidsContinue reading “Angel Fire”


An intense cold front hit Texas on Valentine’s Day 2021. It turned into a major snow event for our area (at least 6 inches) late that night. We woke up Monday morning to a winter wonderland and we ventured to a nearby park to enjoy the snow. The temperatures were bitterly cold in the singleContinue reading “Snovid”

Beach to Snow

I wanted to share a few more picture from our time in Port Aransas. We returned home on Friday and were surprised by a very snowy afternoon on Sunday!


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