Selling our home during #stayhome

Last family picture at our home on Estana Lane

Like the rest of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic drove our family into our home and relentlessly offered us an opportunity to re-evaluate our priorities. As weeks turned to months, we realized that we wouldn’t buy this home again if we were looking today. I started considering the benefits of a smaller floor plan, fewer belongings to maintain, and a pool in the backyard to help get us through hot summers. We purged a bunch of stuff and rearranged the upstairs to free up a bedroom for Jim’s office. Yet, we still felt that too much of our lives were dictated by the responsibilities of managing a large home full of possessions.

I suggested that we plan a lengthy vacation somewhere with cooler temperatures and more to do outside away from population centers. Jim countered with “let’s sell everything and travel.”

After a few days of serious consideration and prayer, we decided to list our home to see what would happen in this volatile market. We received over asking price on day one, so we felt this was a good sign to proceed.

During the month of June, we continued purging and selling furniture. While we didn’t “sell everything,” we did manage to get all of our remaining belongings into two small storerooms (300SF).

Since we want to spend some time reflecting on where we want to live next, we are spending the next few months on the road, living in short term rentals. I plan to post regular updates, so check back if you want to know what we’re doing.

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