Austin to Lubbock

We left Austin right after church on June 28th. After a quick lunch in the car, we turned the van northwest to drive through Llano and Sweetwater on our way to Lubbock. Almost immediately we realized our new 2020 Honda Odyssey’s “infotainment” system was not working! We handed James the iPad and scoured the internet for suggestions on how to reset the computer. (Note: Evie and Jack left for New Mexico with Jim’s parents last week, so we could focus more on finishing our move and preparing for the trip.) Jim looked at me and said, “No music. No backup camera. Faulty directions every five minutes. This trip is so 2020.”

Oil derrick and wind turbines outside Sweetwater, TX.

Regardless of the technical difficulties, we had a good drive and arrived at our AirBNB by 7pm. We ate a light dinner from the food in our cooler and were able to get to bed by a decent hour.

Happy to be in Lubbock

The next morning we tried pulling out the fuse to the onboard computer and were thankfully able to get the system back up and running. We have another six hour drive ahead of us. Next stop Red River, NM. (Note: The Fox family is three hours behind us on their way to Durango, CO where we will meet up with them in a week.)

Removing the fuse to fix the infotainment system

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