Enchanted Circle

Angel Fire

Today we drove from Lubbock to Red River, NM where we met up with Evie, Jack, John, Angie and Maui friends Dave and Kim Morrell. Our route took us through Santa Rosa, Las Vegas, and Mora, NM before driving through part of the Enchanted Circle and Angel Fire. It was a pleasant, uneventful drive and we are happy to have our longest driving days behind us.

On the road

The day ended with a good beer and BBQ dinner. The kids are spending the night in the camper, while Jim and I are staying in the Best Western.

Red River, NM

Day’s highlights: Drove through Fort Sumner, NM where Billy the Kid died; drove through Las Vegas, NM where my grandmother (Betty Smith) attended college and my father visited during the summers; we saw our first glimpses of snow high on some of the nearby peaks.

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