Finding Raptors

Although we were curious to see Boise, our main reason for spending two nights here was to have time to visit the Morley Nelson Bird of Prey Conservatory – the largest nesting ground for birds of prey in the entire world. Evelyn read the My Side of the Mountain trilogy this year and has been very interested in peregrine falcons (and all raptors) ever since.

On the way Dedication Point
Looking over the Snake River in search of raptors
Hiking near Dedication Point
Identifying raptors

We didn’t have a confirmed sighting of a peregrine falcon, but we definitely saw a golden eagle, prairie falcon, and three red tailed hawks. Many birds were soaring overhead too high to identify.

Golden eagle we saw dive-bomb
Trio of red tailed hawks

We drove down into the canyon to Swan Falls, where a power plant, built in 1901, still operates. Many anglers were down along the river, and we met an older gentleman who was “magnet” fishing. Interestingly, he found some old bullets. He let the kids throw in the line a few times and James pulled out a large nail.

Magnet fishing
James found a line and hook
Swan Falls Dam and Power Plant

After nap time, we drove into downtown Boise and walked around Julia Davis Park and the Boise River, both of which are right next to Boise State University.

Boise River
Boise is known as The City of Trees, presumably because of the great variety of trees present.

Interestingly, Boise is home to the largest Basque community outside the Basque region, so we went to a Basque restaurant called Txikteo for dinner.


Of course, before heading out of town, I had to stock up at the world’s largest Albertson’s (which is incidentally the same size as an average H‑E‑B in Texas). Albertson’s is headquartered here in Boise.

World’s largest Albertson’s

Other pictures from our time in and around Boise:

Twin Falls, ID bridge over the Snake River
Jack found a cowboy hat in our AirBNB

Snake River and Twin Falls

Jim thinks he’s pretty funny

One thought on “Finding Raptors

  1. I love these Idaho photos! James holding the hook and line is so cute!
    We received your post card today! Thankyou so much!


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