Baby, it’s cold outside

I started our first full day in Seaside with a run along the beach. It was foggy and grey, but with all the exertion, I didn’t feel cold in my running clothes. Upon returning to the house, I threw on a sweatshirt and took the kids to the beach.

We planned to walk to the tide pools, but about 2/3 of the way there, I realized it was much further than expected and also that high tide was coming in so the pools might not even be visible. Instead we plopped down in the sand, and the kiddos started digging a tunnel.

“Mommy, we need some crackers for the beach.”

Not long after, I realized I was quite cold, so I wrapped the beach towel around my bare legs. The sun came out slightly and warmed the air a bit, but almost immediately disappeared behind thick clouds. After another 30 minutes, I was shivering uncontrollably and, unfortunately, had to gather the children and head home (amidst grumbling…much of it my own) to take a hot shower.

Lesson 1: Wear more clothes to the beach in Oregon.

We had a light lunch and played inside until James’ nap time. At that point, the sky was blue and the air warm, so I took Evie and Jack into the backyard. Gabe and Jeff were outside working on a whimsical picnic area beneath the canopy of a large bush for the children. I told them about our cold morning, and they emphasized that mornings are usually “socked in,” with afternoons and evenings being sunny.

Lesson 2: Go to the beach in the afternoon and evening.

We walked around and looked at flowers and water colored for a bit.

Rabbit in our backyard

At that point, Jim had finished his work for the day, so I headed to Costco the start my grocery shopping for the next five weeks.

After putting away groceries and eating dinner, James was in a contrary mood (despite a long nap), so we decided to stay home and build a fire.

Four chiefs…
We’re basically pioneers

I pulled out Operation for James, and Jim and I played Sorry with the other two. About 30 minutes into the game, I heard a strange bird call, so I stepped into the front yard and nearly came eye to eye with this sight:

Raccoon family checking out the owl house Gabe and Jeff had just installed.

We kept everyone up later than normal because we would like to be on a later schedule while we are here. Oregon beaches allow fires, so, ideally we will build fires on the beach most nights – AND the children will sleep later in the morning. We’ll see.

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