Everybody loves Nana

Our second day in Seaside was a Lord’s Day (and also my Dad’s and two dear friends’ birthdays). The church we plan to attend in Cannon Beach has limits on attendance. Our need to get more information on how to RSVP, coupled with the fact that Jim’s back has been pretty flared up (he has a herniated disc and needs to have a procedure), we decided to worship at home with our Austin church.

After church, I made a run to Safeway here in town. On the way in, I grabbed a cart outside the store but was promptly told that those carts had “not been sanitized” and were “airing out.” I explained that I had already touched the cart, but they made me return it and go inside to get a clean cart.

I cannot emphasize enough how ready I am for this to be over.

Next I headed to Ace Hardware to pick up a bait box for our crabbing basket. While there, I also purchased fishing rods for the kiddos.

After dinner, we went to the beach to build our first beach fire of the trip.

We officially resumed school on our first Monday here in Seaside. After we finished our morning session, we headed to the far southern edge of Seaside to check out the tide pools. We caught hermit crabs, held salps, and observed sea anemone.

Sea anemone
Hermit crab

After dinner I dropped Jim and the kids back at the tide pools for low tide and then I headed to Portland to pick up my mom at the airport. Her flight arrived at 8:20p, so it was a pretty late night for us. Thankfully we were in bed by around 11p; I told Mom that the children would probably bound into her room at 7am. I wasn’t wrong.

Everyone was so happy to see Nana (especially me)!

Breakfast with Nana…almost better than Christmas morning

We had fun showing Nana all the beautiful flowers growing here on the Oregon coast, as well as the beach, even though it was a fairly foggy and cool morning.

After Mom took a brief afternoon nap, we ventured over to Cannon Beach to purchase fresh salmon and crab at the Ecola Seafood Market for dinner. I can honestly say that that chinook salmon was the best salmon I’ve ever eaten.

Haystack rock
Salmon dinner
Brothers eating marionberry jam
Evelyn sketching Jack
Everybody loves Nana

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