Old Growth and Ship Wrecks

Jim, Evie, Jack, and I hiked the first two miles of the Tillamook Head Trail, which still contains some old growth Douglas fir trees. The Elmer Feldheimer Forest Reserve is adjacent to Ecola State Park and has been set aside for “1000 years,” so that the forest can return to old growth.

Douglas fir

The trail was beautiful, lush, and very muddy! We didn’t make it far enough for any huge ocean views but were teased with a little peak.

Trail mix break

After the hike, I threw together our fresh crab over rice pilaf with a caprese salad.

Crab and caprese

The next day, Nana and I took the children to Fort Stevens State Park for a look around. Fort Stevens existed from the Civil War to WW2 to protect the mouth of the Columbia River. In 1906, a Victorian-era vessel ship wrecked nearby and the wreckage is still present.

Ship wreckage

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