Where River Meets Sea

We ventured about 16 miles south of Seaside to Oswald West State Park and hiked to Short Sand Beach, a protective cove popular with surfers. Here, Short Sand Creek spills out of the forest and across the beach, where it unites with the Pacific Ocean.

Hiking to Short Sand Beach
Throwing rocks in Short Sand Creek
Standing in the shallow creek water flowing toward the ocean
Digging a “canal”

There were several caves along the beach that were full of beautiful sea life.

We had to wade through two feet of cold water to get to this cave
Teal sea anemone
Star fish
Strange mossy rocks that felt like soggy AstroTurf
Hiking back to the car. This tree was our “pirate ship.”

After nap time and dinner, we ventured to the beach to build a fire and watch the sunset.

The next day was Saturday, so Jim joined us for trout fishing at Cullaby Lake. I actually don’t think it’s the right time of year to catch trout, but the children enjoyed learning a little about fishing. Jack was especially tenacious but didn’t actually catch anything.

Later that day we headed over to Wheel Fun Rentals to rent some beach bikes, but they were unavailable due to high tide. Instead we rented a goofy pedaled buggy and rode around town for an hour.

Living the dream

The next day we returned to Fort Stevens State Park after worship, so the kids could fish and swim in Coffenbury Lake. Apparently I didn’t take any pictures, but, if I track any down, I’ll post them later.

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