Beach, Burgers, and Bikes

Here in Seaside, the beaches are full of large driftwood that the kids enjoy scaling and jumping off.

And, of course, they are great for after-dinner fires…

Watching a video about tsunamis, since the entire Oregon coast is a tsunami inundation zone.

We returned to Wheel Fun Rentals to try out their beach bikes…

…and visited The Kite Factory in Cannon Beach to buy some kites. When I notified the owner of the shop that the internet indicated his establishment was permanently closed, he responded that “anyone who believes anything on the Internet is an idiot.” Well said, sir.

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach

All of that beach time really works up the appetite, so we enjoyed some homemade burgers.

The cooking crew
Mmm mmm

And just because this scene is funny on so many levels…

One thought on “Beach, Burgers, and Bikes

  1. What fun with those incredible beach adventures! So much space for running with kites and enjoying the beach bikes! Great memories for you all! I also have a big smile for the photo of signs in one click!! Yes, too funny!


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