The earth proclaims His handiwork

I took Evie and Jack to the beach to boogie board in the ocean, even though the sea water temperature is an invigorating 52 degrees (note: I did not get in the water.).

While enjoying the view and pondering God’s amazing care for His creatures, I looked down at my feet and found a perfectly formed sand dollar. I couldn’t help but think that God was waving “hello” to me.

The earth proclaims His handiwork…

The next day Mom and I went out for a girl’s day. Jim took the kids to Pig n’ Pancake for breakfast while we readied ourselves.

5,000 calorie breakfast

Mom and I headed south down the coastline and stopped to buy pies in Manzanita. We drove through Tillamook and had lunch in Forest Grove, OR at Bella Donna’s Bistro and Patisserie. Since I missed the calorie-dense breakfast, I decided to make up for it with a monte cristo sandwich. The salad on the side really made up for it though.

Monte Cristo sandwich…so good

After lunch we visited the Tualatin Estate Vineyard and sampled local Willamette Valley wine. The wine was acceptable but the view was spectacular.


Mid afternoon we started our drive back to Seaside, stopping in for some fresh berries at a local farmer’s market.

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