Hold your breath

We checked out the Seaside Estuary, which is where the Necanicum River and Neawanna Creek come together with the Pacific Ocean. It was a great shady place to play in sand and water (without big waves) and bird watch.


A pair of bald eagles were hanging out in a tree across the river from us, leaving a few times to harass sea gulls.

Bald eagles

I made the mistake of demonstrating a cartwheel to Evelyn. Everything seemed fine at the time but, later that night, all my chest and shoulder muscles seized up. Jim said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you do a cartwheel.” I responded, “You missed your chance because that was the last one I’m ever going to do.”

After dinner, we joined the owner of our AirBNB, his son, and some of their friends on the beach for fire and music. It was nice to socialize with new friends and watch Evelyn play with the big girls. (Nana took Jack and James home a little early to get ready for bed.)


After worship the next day, Jim and I took the two bigs on the Fort to Sea Hike, which is part of the Lewis and Clark Trail system. The hike begins at Fort Clatsop in the rainforest near the mouth of the Columbia River and ends at Sunset Beach on the Pacific. Fort Clatsop was Lewis and Clark’s winter fort from December 1805 to March 1806.

It was a fairly easy, flat six mile trail with lots of wild berries. We snacked on blackberries and thimbleberries as we moseyed along.

Jack kept asking if there were any tunnels on the hike…then we found this! Jim told everyone to hold their breath and run to the other side.
Pioneer church and farmstead

Nana and James picked us up at the end, and we headed home to eat delicious pork ribs.

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