Say Cheese

Cappy and Grandma arrived the day after Nana left, so the kiddos were not without extra grandparent love for long. We enjoyed having dinner with them and showing them our beach fires. Almost as soon as we arrived to the beach, the kids soaked themselves in the ocean and had to experience chilly conditions for the rest of the evening.

Evie caught a mole crab
Evie “warming up” in a “sand blanket”

The next day we enjoyed a visit from our Austin friend Jacob Rachniowski who is currently on an extended camper trip through the American West. He is an avid kite boarder and outdoor sports enthusiast, and he brought along his one-wheel for us to play with.

We also visited the Tillamook cheese factory, where we enjoyed learning about and seeing where our favorite cheese comes from. We also bought fresh ice cream (to enjoy outside, of course!).

2020 cheese factory tour
Benefit of face masks? It doesn’t matter if you’re kids don’t actually smile for the camera.
I tried to sanitize hands but James still managed to lick the hand railing. 😂🙄
Land of the free; home of the brave

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