Last Week on the Oregon Coast

We enjoyed Short Sand Beach so much that we took Cappy and Grandma back to see it. The sun was shining the entire time; it was a beautiful time to be there.

Boogie boarding
Kite time
“Damming” the creek
The dam
Beautiful colors

We rested that afternoon…

Nap-time fail

…and tried out the fire pit in the backyard.

We also hiked the 4-mile forest portion of the Fort to Sea Trail again. Even James came along – and did great!

“I think I can…I think I can…”
We made it to the end!

That night we went to Ruby’s Roadside Grill for burgers, beer, and “prime rib Friday.”

Of course Cappy wants the prime rib!
After dinner corn hole, which inspired Evelyn to dance on a table in her cowboy boots, apparently.

The next day we returned to the estuary for the entire afternoon. The children dug for clams and caught crabs (as well as other random sea life). We were joined by Kirsten and Dale Haas, friends who formerly lived in Maui. Auntie Kirsten was so sweet, the children instantly connected with her. When she left (the next day), James just kept repeating “I love her” and informed me multiple times that “she is already married.”

Collecting “mermaid hair”
More bald eagle sightings
Baby lobster?

We also spent time in Fort Steven’s State Park, where Cappy and Grandma were camping. The park is huge (500 campsites) and is adjacent to a decommissioned military fort at the mouth of the Columbia, which is the only place in the continental US that was shelled during WW2.

Teenage elk nearby
We enjoyed exploring the park on the Morrell’s e-bikes!
The mouth of the Columbia
Camper art project

Of course we couldn’t leave Seaside without taking the kids to the amusement park!

Go Karts
Roller Coaster
Rock Climbing

And have one more delicious seafood meal!

Salmon, halibut, and crab pilaf with brussel sprouts and an Oregon pinot noir.

Evie, Jack, and James left for the Hoh River Rainforest with Cappy and Grandma the morning of August 20th. I am spending the rest of the day in Seaside packing and cleaning the house before Jim and I depart here tomorrow.

For our last night in Seaside, we enjoyed a nice, quiet evening and dinner at Wayfarer in Cannon Beach.

Goodbye Seaside!

We will catch up with the family in two days, and I look forward to posting more once we regain internet connection – probably in about a week – as we will have limited access in Hoh River, Sol Duc (Olympia National Park), and Mount Rainier.

One thought on “Last Week on the Oregon Coast

  1. All these happenings are so much fun!! Love the tiny videos too :).It’s so cool to see the kids enjoy finding the sea life too!


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