Olympic Peninsula

After our extended stay in Seaside, OR, we headed north to Olympic National Park. Our first stop was the Hoh River Rainforest.

Jim and I spent the night in Aberdeen, WA before heading into Olympic National Park

The area gets its name from the Hoh Indians who once populated the area. It is known for being one of the only temperate rainforests in North America and includes rare Blue Spruce trees, famous for their use in airplanes like the Spruce Goose.

Hoh River
Trail of Mosses
Evelyn is always very brave to pick up animal specimen. Here she is with a banana slug – the second largest slug in the world.
And here she is giving it a kiss!

As you can see, the area is very lush and full of life.

In other news, Jack lost his first top tooth.

Jim and I spent the night in a tent, while everyone else stayed in the camper. Thankfully we had a small space heater, since we didn’t have…ah hem…appropriate sleeping bags.

The sleeping bags we planned to borrow ended up not being available, so we had to make due with Spider-Man.

We plan to stop at REI for some better equipment before we camp in Mount Rainier in a few days.

From Hoh River, we journeyed over to Sol Duc, another area within the Olympic National Park.

There, we hiked through an old growth forest, and it is possibly the most beautiful hike I’ve ever taken. It was only a short loop, but we loved exploring and lounging in the bowers of this heavenly place.

Striking his best Lewis and Clark pose
Sol Duc River and the Olympic Mountains
Taking a rest on the moss
The view


After that, we took the children down to the water to splash and throw rocks.

The next morning we hiked to Sol Duc Falls. It was yet another magnificent journey through the woods!

Bridge over the falls
Sol Duc Falls
Throwing rocks
Classic James expression

After a brief snack, Evie took me to her special spot in the woods where she wanted to spend “hours in the bowers.”

Hours in the bowers
Jim enjoying a bed of moss

After a quick lunch of grilled cheese…

Cappy asked me to take a photo of his meal for the blog 😉

…we drove to Crescent Lake to take a look around.

Afterwards Jim and I bid farewell to Cappy, Grandma, and the kids to spend a night in Bainbridge Island. We wanted to have a break in the middle of the camping and also pick up some needed supplies, like real sleeping bags. Our AirBNB on Bainbridge was spectacular! It was right on the Puget Sound with a view of Seattle in the distance. We also had a splendid dinner at a French-inspired Vietnamese restaurant called BaSa.

Our room is on the bottom floor of the house on the right; Seattle can be seen in the distance.
Keeping a safe distance from CHOP/CHAZ. 😂
No filter

The others continued on to the far northwestern point of Washington (Olympic Peninsula).

Tippy-top of northwestern Washington and the contiguous United States

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