On the {x} Day of Christmas…

On the second day of Christmas, Nana and Pops came over to give presents and spend the day with the kids! Their main presents were legos, so most of the time was spent building the new sets. However, Pops also played chess with Evie and backgammon with Jack, while Nana played one of our new games, Treasure Hunt, with James.

The third day of Christmas was “game day,” including our new games from Aunt Jennifer (Splendor and Blank Slate). After church we played Splendor, Treasure Hunt, and an impromptu game of chess with neighbors at the park down the street.

Treasure Hunt

The fourth day of Christmas was craft day, so we spent the morning working on various projects.

Tissue paper jellyfish
Toilet paper roll bird
Paper plate dream catcher

On the fifth day of Christmas, we went on a hike with our friends the Foxes, Hornyaks, and Shufflebargers. We hiked a portion of the Violet Crown trail, southeast of the Mopac-Slaughter intersection.

On the sixth day of Christmas, we were joined by the Morgan family for a special Amy’s Ice Cream date.

The seventh day of Christmas had to be reimagined a little, but we were able to share waffles with the Foxes for breakfast and Nana and Pops came over to put the kiddos down on New Year’s Eve!

On the eighth day of Christmas, the kids were given the job to make dinner for the family. They chose to smoke cheeseburgers and make macaroni and cheese, steamed broccoli, and brownies.

On the ninth day of Christmas, we hiked in the morning and then rode bikes all the way to the Foxes’ house (figuring out a route under Escarpment and Mopac). We then enjoyed a nice evening with our friends.

On the tenth day of Christmas, we enjoyed seeing all our friends at church and then headed over to Miss Vicki’s house for lunch and a movie. Since we finished reading The Fellowship of the Ring before Christmas, we let them watch the feature length film on their big projection screen. (They said it was way scarier than The Hobbit movies, except at least there weren’t any giant spiders.) I was hoping James would fall asleep during the movie (he didn’t), but at least he wandered off during the intense scenes.

Movie time!

For the eleventh day of Christmas, we spent the morning with cousins! We brought over waffles for breakfast, tried out their new trampoline, went on a hike, dug for fossils at a nearby park, and enjoyed Chick Fil-A for lunch.

Digging for fossils

We planned to do a party for the last day of Christmas, but, instead, we drove down to Port Aransas to spend a few days with Cappy and Grandma. We spent the whole afternoon at the beach and it was a gorgeous day! What a great way to end the Christmas season!

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