An intense cold front hit Texas on Valentine’s Day 2021. It turned into a major snow event for our area (at least 6 inches) late that night.

We woke up Monday morning to a winter wonderland and we ventured to a nearby park to enjoy the snow.

Monday morning
Playing in the middle of the street
A kind neighbor let us try her genuine sled
Learning to “snowboard”
Sleds made from “recycled” boxes

The temperatures were bitterly cold in the single digits, so we hurried home for some hot cocoa. Soon after, news started flowing in that Texas was having an energy emergency, forcing the need for rolling blackouts. By mid afternoon, many of our friends had been without power for over twelve hours. Our friends, the Foxes, decided to brave the icy roads to stay with us for the night. However, it quickly became clear that a major crisis was unfolding. Freezing temperatures seized Texas for the entire week, causing energy supply sources to go off-line at the same time demand for heat soared. At least 60 percent of homes in Austin were without electricity for days. The Foxes ended up staying with us for three nights and several other church friends sought shelter with other members to endure the dangerously cold temperatures.

Snovid sleepover
The kids had a great time in spite of all the craziness
Roadrunner tracks

Thankfully our house never lost power, but by Thursday the city’s electricity problems caused our water plants to stop pumping and, by that evening, the entire city was out of running water. Fortunately, we had prior warning, so we were able to fill our bathtubs and basins before we lost it completely.

One of our toilets stopped working during this episode. Don’t go in there.
Filling our cooler with snow

We had to go without water for four days, which was an inconvenience for us, but a major problem for many others. It was an embarrassing and disastrous week for Texas and the City of Austin. We are thankful for having so few problems in spite of everything, for the opportunity to assist many others in need, and that by the next Sunday it was sunny and 70 again.

Here are some of my favorite memes from Snovid:

This is just down the street from our house

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