Angel Fire

After the snow melted in Texas, we headed to Angel Fire, NM for a week of skiing. (James stayed back in central Texas with Nana and Grandma.) We left before sunrise to begin our 12 hour trek to the mountains of northern New Mexico. We made very few stops on the way, and the kids did great with the long drive.

Moonrise as we near Angel Fire

We arrived to our condo around sundown and decided to scrounge dinner from the food we brought in our cooler.

We woke up bright and early the next day, ready to rent our equipment and hit the slopes. We did a few runs on the bunny hill, which resulted in the kids promptly pointing their skis straight down hill and crashing.

Yard sale

Thankfully we scheduled private lessons for the kids that afternoon. I also had a private lesson at the same time. We all improved rapidly and enjoyed five additional days on the slopes of Angel Fire. The kids were totally fearless, and I reached my goals of 1) being able to comfortably go down a “blue” hill and 2) learning how to do “parallel turns.”

At the beginning of the “Heading Home” run
Chili Express chairlift
Bottom of the main hill
Lodge at the top of the ski lift
“Sick air bro”
Exhausted after a fun week

We also celebrated Jack’s 7th birthday on the trip…

Celebrating the big seven at Mikuna Grill

…and enjoyed many games of Splendor and Ricochet Robots.


And James had a great time back in Texas too!

We make the long trip home tomorrow! ❤️

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