Park City: Week 2

The second week of our stay in Park City (near the Jordanelle Reserve) was filled with fun times.

We played in the sand and water near Cappy and Grandma’s RV on the Jordanelle Reservoir. They loved it, but came down with Swimmer’s Itch when they left the water. Apparently people normally only react to Swimmer’s Itch once, so hopefully we won’t ever have an itchy repeat!

Lots of osprey around

The next day we did family photos at the top of Deer Valley. Patrick and Bethany Hardwig, of Hardwig Photography, attend Crosspoint Presbyterian Church and were kind enough to do a very fun photo shoot with us!

The next day we took Cappy back to the same spot to hike around. The kids enjoyed having some free time to explore the woods on their own.

Maddie enjoying her freedom
Water color rest time

On Thursday, we rented paddle boards at Deer Valley Ponds…

…And then spent Friday rafting the Weber River.

Jim has taken the children over to explore a nearby construction site several times.

We spent Saturday morning at a birth party for one of the children of the church. It was held at a nice park in Kimball Junction and even had face painting!

Birds of prey

On Sunday, Jim and I stepped in and helped CPPC’s music team. We enjoyed worshipping with God’s people in Park City!

After church, we took Cappy and Grandma on the Bloods’ Lake hike.

Next day, we visited the Park City Recreation Center for an afternoon of swimming followed by pizza dinner at Fuego.

Checking out the motorcycle outside the restaurant

2 thoughts on “Park City: Week 2

  1. Whew!!!! I’m tired, but had a great time with y’all on this week’s adventure!!! I love the family photos your friend took. The birch trees are beautiful! At first, I thought you were standing in front of a waterfall !! It is so pretty where you are and water like a mirror too. ??? Page

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