Nana in Utah

At the beginning of our third week in Park City, my mother came to visit and Cappy and Grandma departed to spend the rest of the summer in Red River, NM. We also moved to a larger home in town for the rest of our stay here. When we arrived to our house on Sidewinder, Jack ran through the house shouting, “This is a mansion!” (Spoiler alert: it’s not a mansion but it is a nice house that includes a huge room with four beds and a couch.)

Showing Nana the aspens
Happy to see Nana
The Morrells and Riley head back to Maui
Listening to live music in Old Town
We found some beautiful purple flowers
Bonanza to Abandoned Mine Trail

We took Nana on the Solamere Loop near Deer Valley. It was a warm 3.5-miler with views that made her a bit nervous, but everyone did great all in all. We also enjoyed a huge dessert when we returned home.

Solamere Loop
Enjoying the hot tub at our new house
And we can walk to many excellent restaurants, including Nosh.
Jim had been diligently practicing guitar

We also checked out Roy’s Hike on a pleasant, cloudy morning.

Roy’s Hike

Nana will be with us another week, and tomorrow my friend Vicki also arrives!

3 thoughts on “Nana in Utah

  1. Hi to Trina!! The mining trail and Roy’s Hike has beautiful scenery! Hikes to restaurants sound great! ?? !! Have fun!!

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