KB in PC

My longtime friend Kristen joined us for several days, for what I found out was her first trip to the mountains in the summer! Although she has visited Park City during the winter months, we were honored to show her around without snow on the ground.

James calls her “Auntie Christian”

Bob and Reva, of Crosspoint Pres, had us all over to try their new wood-burning pizza oven and share a snifter of Aquavit, a Finnish liquor.

Wooly mammoth tusk

We kept things pretty slow on Sunday, as Jim and I nursed mild colds…

But the next day, we drove the alpine loop to Sundance to show Kristen Cascade Springs and hike to Stewart Falls.

The hike was four miles in light rain, so we treated ourselves to Ritual Chocolate in Heber City when we were done.

The next day we rented bikes and rode down to the McPolin farm. It was pretty warm, and I think Evie and Jack were shocked by how much harder it is to ride bikes in the mountains than in flat Texas!

We also took Kristen on a hike through alpine forest and wildflower meadows near where we did our family pictures a few weeks ago.

We are so thankful for our time with Auntie “Christian” this summer!

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