We took a slow day watching movies, so I could nurse my cold before our next guests arrived.

Watching Ratatouille

And James helped me restock at the grocery store before our next (and final) guests arrived: the Abbott family.

On Friday, we again drove the alpine loop to Sundance, stopping by Cascade Spring and checking out the Lower Timpanagos Falls. Unfortunately, smoke blew in from the California fires and by the end of the day, we couldn’t even see the mountains.

Cascade Springs
Lower Timpanagos Falls

Of course we had to celebrate with some more Ritual Chocolate. I also discovered an awesome pie bakery called June Pie next door.

S’more Sampler

That night we got the kids to bed early and planned to settle in for some quiet conversation and pie. Unfortunately, however, Jim broke his toe in a harrowing incident involving a dirty shirt, laundry basket, and bed frame. We ended up spending an hour at the Park City Urgent Care (a pleasant experience all things considered).

Pastor Tim sent this helpful image to encourage us

Jim will have to see a doctor in Austin as a follow-up, but we don’t think he’ll need to have surgery.

The next day, Austin, Erica, and I took the kids paddle boarding for an hour and then to ride the alpine slide.

We were joined with Nathan and Amber, friends in Park City, for dinner and a game night.

The next day, Austin and Erica explored Old Town, while the rest of us laid low. Unfortunately, smoke continued to plague northern Utah. We went to Burgers and Barley for dinner and then up to the pass for a brief hike. We did get a glimpse of an elk and deer while out.

The Abbotts headed back to Austin Monday morning. We will begin our journey home on Thursday, hoping to arrive Austin Saturday night.

3 thoughts on “Smoke/Break

  1. Wow! Great hikes…pretty views! So sorry about Jim’s broken toe. Hope it mends soon.

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