White Christmas

The boys both woke up sick on Christmas Eve morning. We kept things slow for most of the day, making cinnamon rolls and watching movies…

…but, unfortunately, they didn’t recover enough to attend our candle-light service. We were in charge of music for the evening, so Jim and Evelyn headed up the mountain for church.

Watching the service from home
Dressed up a bit despite not feeling great
Even though our Park City church is quite small, there are THREE young Evelyns who attend.

Jim and Evelyn returned home around 6:30p for dinner and opening our traditional Christmas Eve gifts: an ornament, pajamas, and a book.

Dinner is ready
Pork tomatillo pie from June Pie
Matching pajamas
James was very ready for bed at this point
Our traditional Christmas Eve reads
Santa visits us in Midway

Thankfully everyone woke up feeling better Christmas morning, and we had a wonderful time opening gifts and eating cinnamon rolls and bacon.

The best part of day, however, was picking up my Mom from the airport. Jim took Evelyn and Jack skiing while James and I made the drive to Salt Lake City.

Nana Claus is coming to town

We had a wonderful week-long visit with Nana (except for two days of catching the boys’ mild tummy bug). It snowed nearly the entire week Nana visited, including a snow squall (a first for me). Here are some pictures from her time with us:

Driving to church in a snow squall
Out for a brisk walk
Dessert and wine at the Midway Mercantile
Skiing with Daddy
Building snow forts
New Year’s Eve with our friends the Colquitts
Snowshoeing Discovery Loop
We saw a moose on this hike, but I don’t want to eat up the data to post the video here.

Mom headed back to Texas on New Year’s Day, which also happened to be clear and sunny (picture above). We look forward to her next visit! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

3 thoughts on “White Christmas

  1. Happy New Year!! What a week!! All that snow!! It’s so wonderful you have these family Christmas traditions to look forward to. It’s great your mom was there too! How was the snowshoeing? Does it help to not sink in a footstep? I love all these photos…a beautiful white Christmas 🙂 Add Bing Crosby and a sleigh with bells….I love those old movies. Stay cozy, love you guys?

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