Winter Wonderland

After the holidays ended and Nana headed back to Texas, we resumed school with the start of our second term. Our schedule includes at least two ski outings per week, and we started weekly piano lessons with Mr. Larry here in the Heber Valley.

Jack’s “Pastor Robby Outfit”

We didn’t get too far along with our term when, like the rest of America in early 2022, we caught the Omicron. The kids were barely sick, Jim resumed skiing the day after he had “some chills,” and I had a moderate cold with fatigue for about a week. We have lived completely normal lives since April 2020, and it’s nice to “officially” have Covid behind us.

It’s a Covid
Convalescing on a hike in Provo Canyon
Hiking Shingle Creek in the Uintas
Narrow trail along Shingle Creek
Jim bought a helmet-Go-Pro to get some “epic footie”

In early February, our friends, the Abbott family, visited from Austin.

We caught the Midway Ice Castles the last night of the season because of the warm winter here
Ice slide
And of course, skiing

We had a wonderful visit with them!

Our next visit was from the Morgan family over President’s Day weekend. We are so glad they came out!

A few days later, Nana flew into town to celebrate her and Jack’s birthday!

Hugo the owl in Old Town, after our girl’s spa day treat!
Happy for Nana!

In celebration of Jack’s 8th birthday, we bought him a new (used) snowboard and Jim spent the day with him teaching him how to ride.

Happy birthday Jack – a snowboard!

We also had dinner at our favorite restaurant in town – the Midway Mercantile.

Sadly, Mom headed back to Texas, but she is visiting again in April for James’ birthday.

Birthday lunch with friends to celebrate Jack

We are finally getting some good snow, and we have more visitors planned this month! I will post more soon!

3 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Hi guys! These are wonderful pictures! The kids are amazing! Growing so fast! The scenery is so pretty. Glad the omicron was mild. Piano lessons remind me of your grandmother playing the piano. Evie playing by ear is really something too. Cute picture of Jack’s birthday celebration! Love to you all !!

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