Spring Skiing

The 2021/22 winter snowfall was well below average, but thankfully we got some good snow in March. Taylor and Jacob (Jim’s Dronelink colleagues) came to visit in the midst of the best powder of the whole season.

We had a great visit with them and Jack especially loved hanging out with “Uncle Jake” who showed us how to make a real Polish-Canadian snowman.

The weather quickly warmed up and dried out again. We met up with some new friends, the Browns, for a hike along the Provo River.

And we enjoyed meeting new friends on the playground, as well as spending crisp March days outside.

Cappy and Grandma came to visit in late March around the same time we paused school for a three-week Easter/spring break.

Midway sunset

We enjoyed skiing with Cappy and hiking with everyone.

Uncle Jimmy and family also visited the Park City-area during the second half of Cappy and Grandma’s visit. The snow wasn’t great for their visit, but we still had a great time skiing (and boarding), swimming, and sharing meals with them.

The snow was so bad by early April, we were sure the resorts were going to close early; however, we actually had a few more great powder days before the resorts closed on Easter Sunday.

Ski season is over until December…⛷

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