Birthday and Easter

The end of season brought with it James’s 5th birthday, Easter, and a visit from Nana. James enjoyed opening gifts in the morning, spending the day with Nana, and then having his new friend Ellis and her family (our neighbors) over for pork “tender-line,” mac-n-cheese, and cake.

Nana was also able to stay for Easter, which was a beautiful day.

With the warmer weather and melting snow, we’ve been able to get outside more to hike and spend time with friends.

We also visited the dairy down the street for baby animal day (although it was a chilly, wet day).

We are looking forward to enjoying the beautiful spring weather here in the Heber Valley!

One thought on “Birthday and Easter

  1. It has been so wonderful to see all these wonderful photos and videos of your dear family and friends! The kids are growing so fast, I’m so happy for you to home school. All the family time is so very special. Love and hugs ???

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