Texas Time

In mid-May, we celebrated the dropping of airline mask mandates by visiting family and friends in central Texas. We flew Allegiant Airlines, which is a great discount airline that flies into Provo, Utah (if any of you are considering a visit).

The first half of the trip was spent in Jim’s parents’ fifth-wheel on the Foxes’ driveway. Jim and I celebrated our sixteenth wedding anniversary with dinner at our favorite restaurant, Uchi, with Tim and Marijke.

McKinney Falls State Park

The next day we had an open-house for friends to come hang out and play, and we were able to visit our nature cooperative SAPS while in town and attend church at Christ the King’s new building! We were also able to celebrate Caleb’s fifth birthday and spend time with Nana and Pops.

Jim also took an e-foil lesson on Lady Bird Lake before heading back to Utah to get some work done while the kids and I stayed in Texas a few more days.

The second half of the trip was spent at Cappy and Grandma’s house in Blanco. The kids enjoyed driving golf carts and swimming, and we enjoyed celebrating (early) Evelyn’s 10th birthday.

We love everyone in Texas and plan to come back for several weeks in November!

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